Communication Is Key

Rely on us for fire alarm monitoring system repairs

Not only is it important for your fire alarm system to alert you, but it's also important that it alerts the authorities. A fire alarm monitoring system will inform your security provider of any danger. Once the signal is sent, the appropriate authorities are dispatched to extinguish the fire. This method of communication is the key to your safety, so reach out to the team at Freedom Southwest LLC for monitoring system maintenance. We can repair monitoring systems with or without existing phone lines.

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Why is a fire alarm monitoring system so important?

Fire monitoring systems do more than just alert the authorities. It can transmit other useful signals to your provider, including:

  Notifications that the system is not working properly
  Notifications that your alarm system needs a reset
  Notifications that your alarm's battery is low
  Notifications that there is a power failure

We recommend annual inspections for your current system. If you have questions about our repair or inspection services, get in touch with a member of our team today.